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27/05/2020 11:22 in News
  • Marriage in the society is a ceremony rather complicated and involves several steps; it is considered the most significant event in the life of the luos.
  • A man who intend to marry his girlfriend, has to ask the parents of the bride for their agreement and difine the bride price, the ayie, in English language means agree, is the ceremony involving the payment of a sum to the mother of the bride.
  • Once obtained the consent of the parents, the wedding ceremony can be celebrated and the couple can no longer change their minds. The ceremony that follows is carried out by relatives and friends of the groom who capture the girl to take her to the house of her future husband.
  • The catch is counteracted by the bride's relatives to test courage of kidnappers and to understand the importance of the bride for the groom;  skirmishes with stick also happen while she screams and tries to wriggle to demonstrate attachment to her father, even though he is actually conducive to the marriage and aware of the kidnapping.
  • There were various methods of a girl stopping  meko embracing euphorbia, or climbing a termite mound still crying and watching her village. If the MEKO is successful, the girl is brought to hut of her future husband, here in presence of four witnesses, witnesses will inform parents about the real virginity of their daughter.
  • Next ceremony happens when the parents of the bride slaughter an and give the meat to the families of the husband's lineage, this is followed by big party that last all night, during which they sing, dance, eat and drink.
  • The final ceremony involves the husband paying the dowry to the father with several heads of cattle.
  • Among the luo, polygamy DOHO is a permitted practice, a man can have more than one wife's if he possesses enough cattle to pay the dowry.


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